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   It's Your Challenge...

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Ultra Challenges are for all levels of experience & physical prowess - and you do it at your pace!

Walking is the popular option, but many go for 'jogging' - which means they may run a bit, walk a bit, and see how it goes! At the front there's a big group of runners, with some stepping up their distance, some testing themselves against the clock, and others collecting UTMB points.

However you choose to take it on - we support walkers & runners alike with extensive services at rest stops - and years of know-how, to make sure you have the best chance of reaching your finish line. Find out more about each option...


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Most do this - you can be new to endurance style challenges - or a seasoned hiker. Take it on at your pace.

Full 100km: 21-34 hours walking

50km Half Challenge: 10-16 hours

25km Quarter Challenge: 4-8 hours


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Very popular with those out for a real challenge - and in practice means you run a bit - walk a bit - mix it up - and see how it goes!


Full 100km: 16-20 hours 'jogging'

50km Half Challenge: 7-10 hours

25km Quarter Challenge: 3-4 hours


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Often the hard-core bunch who head out first out for a sharp time - who've run an Ultra before - or marathon runners stepping up the distance. UTMB points available on all of the events.

Full 100km: 9-15 hours running
50km Half Challenge: 4-7 hours
25km Quarter Challenge: 2-3 hours

When registering you state whether you intend to Walk, Jog, or Run the event - and register for the pace you think is right to you. If you end up a bit slower or faster - no problem! It's Your Challenge - Your Way!