Welcome to the 'go-to' resource for everything charities need to promote the Series. An Ultra Challenge is a simple concept - choose your distance - and take it on at your pace as a walk. jog, or run. However, the longer distance options (especially 100 km) may appear a daunting prospect to many, and to counter that it's important to get across the style of the events - particularly the fantastic level of support participants receive. From free snacks, drinks, & meals at covered rest stops with medical & massage services, to baggage transfers, shuttle busses and camping options - it's this 'full support' which enables fairly normal people to 'push themselves further', and it's the longer challenge distances which generate the high levels of fundraising that are possible with an Ultra Challenge compared to most events. By using the resources provided, and following our Promotion Guidelines, you'll give your charity the best chance of maximising the return from these events.

Helping you market & recruit

Please click through the sections below for resources that will help your charity effectively promote the Ultra Challenge Series to your supporters. Start with our Promotions Guide, which outlines “best practice” when it comes to listing our challenges on your charity website. The Website Materials provide text copy and images you can use on your website – all refined to “sell” the Ultra Challenge experience effectively. 

Promotions Guide

Our "recipe for success". Charities looking to promote the Ultra Challenge Series should start here!

Pricing & Current Deal

Check here for pricing info, fundraising targets and details of our current deal & when it ends.

Marketing Materials

All you need to help you position & market the challenges on your charity website.

Charity Admin Details

Details on what happens, and when - so you can plan your recruitment & fundraiser support.

Corporate / Charity Teams

Looking to promote Ultra Challenges to your corporate partners? We can build a custom package for you.

Promotions Guide


The documents linked here have been created to act as a “best practice” guide for charities promoting the Ultra Challenge Series. We have worked with hundreds of UK charities, and we know the recipe for success when it comes to promoting these events.
Please read through the relevant guide thoroughly before listing the challenges on your charity website. We offer our challenges as walks, jogs and runs, so please make sure you are clear fundraisers can walk, jog or run the full 100km, 50km or 25km. These are inclusive and accessible challenges, open to people of all abilities.


If you missed it, you can watch out latest charity webinar from the 30th March 2022. In this session we looked back at the successes of the 2021 for charities, and ahead to what you can expect in 2022! 

Whether this is your first year of managing Ultra Challenges for your charity, or your fifth – we think you will the content of the session useful!

Challenge Pricing

When listing the Ultra Challenges on your charity website, please ensure you have the correct pricing for each funding type. you can also include details of our current deal – BUT please make sure that this is updated, and you don’t have old deals listed after they have expired.

Our standard Charity & Mixed Funding pricing, and the pricing for Series & Challenge Partners can be found opposite.

The Self Funding prices are below:

100km: £198 / 50km: £129 / 25km: £79


Charity Sponsorship

  • 100km: Reg fee £30 / Fundraising £595 / Cost to Charity £195
  • 50km: Reg fee £20 / Fundraising £395 / Cost to Charity £130
  • 25km: Reg fee £10 / Fundraising £250 / Cost to Charity £80

Mixed Funding

  • 100km: Reg fee £110 / Fundraising £330 / Cost to Charity £110
  • 50km: Reg fee £72.50 / Fundraising £218 / Cost to Charity £72.50
  • 25km: Reg fee £45 / Fundraising £135 / Cost to Charity £45

Charity Sponsorship

  • 100km: Reg fee £30 / Fundraising £595 / Cost to Charity £185
  • 50km: Reg fee £20 / Fundraising £395 / Cost to Charity £120
  • 25km: Reg fee £10 / Fundraising £250 / Cost to Charity £75


Mixed Funding

Same as Standard Pricing

Current Promotion:

  1. £10 OFF Reg Fee for Full Challenge
    Use Code JUBILEE100 at Checkout
  2. £5 OFF Reg Fee for Half Challenge
    Use Code JUBILEE50 at Checkout
  3. £5 OFF Reg Fee Quarter Challenge
    Use Code JUBILEE25 at Checkout

Deal ends 7th June 2022


Marketing Materials


Click on any of the event logos below for the website copy, images & logos for that specific challenge, or the Ultra Challenge Series Logo for more general content & copy you can use for landing pages. This will open a Dropbox folder, containing event imagery and sample web copy – with versions for Partners and for Listed charities. 

Winter Walk

29 - 30 Jan

Easter 50

9 Apr

Isle of Wight Challenge

30 Apr -1 May

Jurassic Coast Challenge

14 - 15 May

London 2 Brighton Challenge

28 - 29 May

Lake District Challenge

11 - 12 Jun

Cotswold Way Challenge

25 - 26 Jun

Peak District Challenge

9 - 10 Jul


23 - 24 Jul


South West 50 Challenge

6 Aug

South Coast Challenge

3 - 4 Sep

Thames Path Challenge

10 - 11 Sep

Thames Bridges Trek

10 Sep

Chiltern 50 Challenge

24 Sep

Halloween Walk

29 - 30 Oct

General Ultra Challenge

Charity Admin

Making it easy for you to manage

Here you can find more details on what to expect regarding the process for managing your fundraisers on the Ultra Challenge Series – from how we send you their info, to when we invoice you for places. 

Once you have fundraisers register for the Ultra Challenge Series, you will be sent a notification and your log in details for the reporting portal link. Via this portal you can see who has signed for each challenge, their funding options & distance, plus their contact details so you can begin stewardship. This portal will be updated weekly with new registrations. 

Once you have been sent your fundraiser info, you should focus on supporting their fundraising – ensuring they are on track to meet their minimum targets. 5 weeks before each challenge, we will ask you to let us know if you are not happy to cover the cost of anyone’s place (ie: if they haven’t done any fundraising!), and this can be done via the reporting portal. This means you will only be invoiced for fundraisers who have met their minimum fundraising targets.

You will have until 3 weeks before each challenge to let us know if a fundraiser has not met their minimum fundraising target. After this time, we will issue an invoice for any places you have not declined – meaning you decide who you pay for on each challenge, ensuring you don’t pay for participants who have not met their fundraising targets.
Invoices will be issued 3 weeks before each challenge, and should be paid before the start of the challenge. Failure to pay an invoice may result in your fundraisers on future events being declined, so please ensure you follow our invoicing guidelines, Which will be sent out in advance of each challenge.

You may receive requests from your fundraisers to make changes to their registrations. You can now direct them to our “Manage your place” portal, where they can request changes – from updating their distance or funding option, to changing event or deferring their place to the following year.
The link is:

Reporting Portal Links

access your supporter info

Use the links here to access your supporter data for each Challenge in the Series. You will be sent a notification from our team to let you know once you have fundraisers signed up for the 2022 Series, along with your login details.

  • London Winter Walk
  • Easter 50 Challenge
  • Isle of Wight Challenge
  • Jurassic Coast Challenge
  • London 2 Brighton Challenge
  • Lake District Challenge
  • Cotswold Way Challenge
  • Peak District Challenge
  • Yorkshire Challenge
  • South West Coast 50 Challenge
  • South Coast Challenge
  • Thames Path Challenge
  • Thames Bridges Trek
  • Chiltern 50 Challenge
  • Halloween Walk

Corporate Teams

Make the most of your corporate partnerships

Corporate teams are a great way for charities to generate unrestricted income, and help foster long-term partnership between charities and businesses. Ultra Challenges are a great choice for corporate teams looking to get outdoors and take on a challenge together.

We take care of all the planning & logistics, and the entry includes food, snacks & drinks plus great support along the route. Whether to company will cover the entire entry fee or part of it – we can build a bespoke package for corporate teams, including a generous discount – plus a private registration link and optional hospitality facilities on the day.

If you have a potential team and would like a quote, submit it using our enquiry form.


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