We have a range of offers & deals so you can save on your next Ultra Challenge®! Perhaps you’re a recent Past Participant looking to take on another Ultra Challenge with us – and we’d like to offer you a discount. If you’re looking to take on a few challenges in 2023 – then our MULTI DEALS set out below are always the best value for ‘Self Funding’ – with up to a 30% discount – and there’s also a new PAYMENT PLAN option to help spread the load and stay Ultra active!  Whatever your goal, whoever you are – we’ve some fantastic deals to help you Push Yourself Further!


SAVE ££'s


* Ends 28 Feb 2023 – Excludes Winter & Halloween Walks & 10km / 10m. Conditions apply.

Young person discount

Save ££'s

Lower ‘Young Persons’ self-funding prices are available on each registration form (ie for 18 year olds and younger as of event day). Families with children can now take on a challenge together. Age restrictions still apply for each distance category. Head to the ‘Sign up’ page for that event – choose Self funding registration form – and there is  fixed ‘Young Person’ discount available, sign up today!

What is the discount?


Sign up for 2 or more events - Save ££'s

Payment Plan Option

Ultra Challenges can become addictive – and many take on a few events each year, often with a mix of distances. The good news is that the more events you do on a ‘Self Fund’ basis, the cheaper it gets. You save 20% off the ‘Self Funding’ prices by booking just 2 events – and over 30% if you’re up for a full season!  Also new for 2023 is the PAYMENT PLAN option –  meaning you can spread the cost of your Multi Deal with an initial deposit followed by 2 further instalments in early 2023. So get your diary out and start planning your Ultra Challenge® year!

Multi Deal details

It’s quick & simple to get signed up via our Multi Deals. You choose your events and your distance options on each – and decide how you wish to pay – upfront (with our ‘special’ Free branded fleece offer on 4 or more events) –  OR via our new Payment Plan option! Once your application is processed, we’ll be in touch to get you fully registered on to each of your chosen challenges. 

Look through our 2023 Ultra Challenge® calendar, and decide how many you want to take on, and which distances on each. Take a bit of time to think about it – as you’ll need to commit to the right number of events as your discount is determined by how many you sign up to.

NoteOur 10 km / 10  mile events are excluded from Multi Deals.

+ For the ‘2 Event Multi Deal’ the Winter & Halloween Walks are also excluded.

You can mix & match distances across your chosen events. Maybe you want to ‘step it up’ over the season with a Quarter Challenge, then a 50km Half Challenge – and finally a Full 100km. Or perhaps you want to take on great selection of Full 100km & 50km Half Challenges – and make 2023 an Ultra year! (Note – you can confirm exact details later – eg a 100km continuous or a ‘2 Day / 1st or 2nd Half etc)

2023 Multi Deal packages come with a stepped discount – so the more challenges take on, the more you save! Deals start with as few as 2 events and a 20% saving off the normal ‘Self Funding’ price – increasing to a 30%+ saving for a full & ambitious 2023 schedule!

For 2023 we’ve introduced a ‘Payment Plan’ option – to spread the cost of your Multi Deal. This is how it works…

  1. Choose your events and fill in the Multi Deal registration form
  2. Enrol in the ‘Payment Plan’ option on the checkout page.
  3. Initially you pay 1/3 rd of the total cost online.
  4. A further 2 equal instalments are due on 1st Feb & 1st March 2023  (via your payment card & conditions apply)
  5. The standard 2% ‘Platform Booking Fee’ is taken with the initial online payment.


Of course you can choose to pay for your Multi Deal in one go upfront.

NoteNo additional discounts or promotions can be used against, or qualify for, a Multi Deal.

Once you’ve completed the Multi Deal Registration Form (which must include all your chosen events) and paid the correct fee online – you’ll receive an ‘Order Receipt‘. Within 7 days we’ll then email you appropriate discount codes for your chosen challenges – to enable you to get fully signed up to each event (Conditions apply).

Multi Deal packages are Self Funding – so you pay the full cost of your event places. However – if you wish to fundraise for a charity of your choice, you can do so without any fundraising target or deadlines to meet – and 100% of what you raise will go to your charity via your JustGiving page.

Multi Deal registrations are subject to specific clauses set out in our 2023 Ultra Challenge Conditions of Entry, which you agree to when registering. Key points to take on board are:

  • Multi Deal events are non-transferable to a 3rd party
  • If you cancel a place on a challenge or defer to a future year – an appropriate fee will be payable.
  • With a Payment Plan – your place on each challenge is not confirmed until the full Multi Deal balance is paid
  • With a Payment Plan it’s your responsibility to ensure that payment card details are current;  a fee will be charged for missed instalment payments
  • The standard platform booking fee of 2% is applied to the full cost of the Multi Deal package – and added to the Multi Deal cost – or the initial online deposit with the Payment Plan option.
  • The cost of any promotional items (t shirt / fleece etc) will be deducted from any refund that may be due to you if you cancel from Multi Deal events.


To sign up to your chosen Multi Deal package, select the correct link below depending on how many events you want to join in 2023. 

Note You must sign up to all your events in a single transaction.

2 events

20% discount
Self Funding only
Excludes Winter & Halloween Walks
Payment Plan available

3-4 events

22.5% discount
Self Funding only
Includes all 2023 events
Payment Plan available

5-6 events

25% discount
Self Funding only
Includes all 2023 events
Payment Plan available

7-8 events

27.5% discount
Self Funding only
Includes all 2023 events
Payment Plan available

9-10 events

30% discount
Self Funding only
Includes all 2023 events
Payment Plan available

10+ events

32.5% discount
Self Funding only
Includes all 2023 events
Payment Plan available

add a challenge(s) to your current package

Looking to do more can now add to your current package of events, and receive a major discount, at our Multi Deal rates. e.g If you are going from 1 event to 2 you will receive 20% off your second challenge.
To add to your existing challenge(s), fill in the form below and member of the team will be in touch.