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If you are signed up to an Ultra Challenge and have a question, we ask that you use our Help Centre to manage your place, update or amend any team details, request any changes, or to cancel your place. As we are a small team, we ask that you use the guidance and links on this page to manage your place rather than email us in. You will also find here answers to many of our frequently asked questions - so please do read below before contacting us.

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Would you like to view your registration? This can be done by logging into your My Events account which is your registration portal.

Deferred your 2021 place?

Deferred your place in 2021 and unsure what the next steps are? Have a look through our FAQs to see if we can answer your question.

Challenge Cancellations

If you can no longer take part in your challenge read through our Cancellation Policy & apply to cancel your place via our form online.

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Signing up to a Challenge

I would like to sign up to a challenge but have a question about it!

Team Management

How to create a team, join a team & manage your team members.

Virtual Challenges

All things to do with our Virtual Challenge Series, from logging distance to medals.

Bookable Extras

Camping packages, shuttle services, baggage transfers & what you can expect.

Change my Challenge

Amend your challenge, distance option, or defer.

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I'm looking for confirmation of my challenge selection.

Charity & Fundraising

All questions related to charity selection & fundraising.

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What you can expect on the challenge!

Deferred your 2021 place to 2022

Yes, if you have completed a 2021 deferral form or have spoken and confirmed with a member of the team then your request to defer your place is being processed by our team. All valid deferral requests (any made outside of 48 hours prior to the event) will be considered as valid. 

You will be emailed end ofNovember with a discount code, which will be the equivalent distance & funding type to your 2021 entry, you will then be able to use this discount code to register for your 2022 challenge. 

We are in the process of reviewing all deferral requests. We are prioritising this by order of events for 2022, therefore we will confirm to you via email once your request has been processed & validated. 

You can expect to hear from us by end of November – we ask that you do not email or call us prior to this as we cannot process requests over the phone/ email.

As we are dealing with a large amount of deferrals and we are in the process of updating individual participants accounts. If you could bear with us till the end of November, you will then be emailed a discount code to get signed up to your chosen 2022 challenge.

If you completed our Covid cancellation/deferral form, we are cross checking your evidence and will be moving your place over to your deferred 2022 challenge if verified by a member of our team.

To ensure your fundraising is reflected on your 2022 challenge, you must create a new Just Giving and add your fundraising as an offline donation.

Signing up to a Challenge

You will receive a receipt via email, along with a Confirmation Email welcoming you onto the challenge detailing any next steps and timelines you need to be aware of, and letting you know where to find all the information you will need for your challenge. If you don’t receive this within 24 hours, please check your spam/junk mail folders.

Yes you must be 18 or over on the day of the challenge if taking on a Full Challenge, 16+ & accompanied by an adult if taking on a Half Challenge, 14+ & accompanied by an adult if taking on a Quarter Challenge.


Under 18s taking part cannot sign themselves up – they must be signed up by someone over 18.

No – however we have a great New Year deal on which will give you a great saving!

  • Yes you can sign up others, but not in the same transaction – you will need to go through the registration questions & payment per person.
  • When signing up on behalf of others, please ensure that the YOUR INFORMATION section is always filled with YOUR information as the account holder (regardless of whether you are personally taking part or not).
  • The next section (PARTICIPANT INFO) asks ‘Who is this registration for?’ and you can then select ‘Someone Else’ and proceed with their details.
  • Where possible, please avoid using the same email address for more than one person.

In the TEAM INFO section (towards the end of the registration questions), you will be asked if you would like to ‘Join a team’ or ‘Create a team’.


If selecting to create a team, you will be asked to create a Team Name and Password. Subsequent team members to register can then select to join a team, and will be asked to provide these details in order to join it.

We ensure that registered teams are assigned the same start wave (where distance/challenge option allows), and your team name will be printed onto your bib.  

There are no restrictions on our regular Flexi-teams – you can be any mixture of charities / distances / funding types (i.e. Self Funding, Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Funding), and can have any number of members (even 1!).

Yes – as long as you are fundraising for the same charity, you can create a team fundraising page on Just Giving (we recommend letting your charity know this is how you will be fundraising together). However, please be advised that the minimum fundraising targets remain per person (not per team), so you will need to reach the combined total fundraising amount on your page for your group. 

If there is a charity you would like to fundraise for that does not appear on our list, we ask that you speak with your preferred Charity about what you would like to, and ask them to register with us via our short contact form which can be found on our website page


Once they’ve registered with us, it will take about 5-7 working days to add them onto our registration forms, and you can then sign up to your chosen challenge in aid of them.


Alternatively you can raise for one of the 500+ charities we are currently already working with, or you can Self Fund your place and raise for them on the side with no commitment. 


Please note: the above is relevant for Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Funding places only. If you are entering as a Self Funder you can fundraise for any charity of your choice (only if you want to) & we do not need to be informed

If you are entering on a Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Funding place then NO – you must select one prime charity for your fundraising. This is because your charity will be paying for a portion of your place on the event (out of the fundraising you generate). If you wish to also fundraise for another charity, you can do so on your own terms but only as long as you reach the minimum target your first/prime charity.


If you join as a Self Funder however, you have complete flexibility on who you fundraise for – with no targets or deadlines, and no cost to those charities.

If you have chosen to fundraise for a charity (from our list), we will pass your details over to them and you can expect to hear from them with a welcome pack within 14 days. If for some reason you do not hear from your charity after this time, please contact them directly.

Creating, joining & managing a team

As the Team Captain you keep track of your team members, and the size of your team in the lead up to the challenge. 

1. Log into your account at using your email address, and password you created when you signed up to the challenge. 


2. You will see your registration for your challenge (s), and from here you can manage your team via the Team Centre feature.


3. Click on the blue button ‘Team Centre’ in your registration, this will open up your team page, where you can check on how many people are in your team, send invites out to your friends to join your team, or email all of those in your team. 

If you’ve already signed up to the challenge, and would now like to create a team – you can do so by logging back into your registration using the My Active section of your account – using the below link:


1. To log in you will need your email, and password you created when you signed up to the challenge.

2. This will take you into your account, with all of your purchased challenges.

3. To Create a team select from the blue button against the event you wish to create a team for, you will need to create a team name, and choose if you wish for the team to be ‘open to everyone’, or ‘private’ meaning those joining will need a password to join the team.

4. If you are looking to Join a team select from the event, using the blue button, search for the team name you are looking to join, you will see the Captain’s name against the team, and if it is a private team you will need the password the team captain created when the created the team. 

If you are looking to take on the challenges a team, you can either create a team as you register onto the challenge, or create a team after you’ve registered

  • Teams can be of any size from 2 people to 100+. 
  • All team members can sign up for the same distance, or a mixture of different distances. 
  • All team members can be a mixture of funding types – so there is no requirement for each member to fundraise for the same charity, although you may choose to do so. 


Creating a team as you register onto the challenge:

  1. Sign up to the challenge, using the ‘Sign Up Now’ button on your chosen challenge, choosing your chosen funding type.
  2. Once you’ve completed your personal details, you will get to choose if you want to Create A New Team or Join An Existing Team as part of the registration process. 
  3. To Create A New Team – you must choose a team name, and a password – this password will be required by your fellow team members to join your team as they register. 
  4. 4. Once you’ve created your team, and completed your registration, your fellow team members can then sign up to the same challenge, and will need to select Join An Existing Team – entering your team name using the search bar, and the password you chose when you created the team.
  5. As a Team Captain you will receive an email notification each time someone joins your team.


Joining a team as you register onto the challenge:

  1. Sign up to the challenge, using the ‘Sign Up Now’ button on your chosen challenge, choosing your chosen funding type.
  2. Once you’ve completed your personal details, you will get to choose if you want to Create A New Team or Join An Existing Team as part of the registration process. 
  3. To Join An Existing Team – search for the team you wish to join, you will need the password created by the team captain in order to join a team. 
  4. The team captain will be emailed a notification of your request to join the team, once they’ve accepted your request, you too will receive email confirmation that you are now part of the team.

If you are looking to join a team on a 2022 challenge, you may have an issue finding the team name, or team captain on our registration form, or within the team centre. This is because the team you are trying to join, was set up on a 2020/2021 challenge (and a different registration form), to the 2022 challenge you are now trying to join. 

As a result of Covid-19, and the cancellation of many Ultra Challenges in 2020, we’ve many challengers whose registration, and teams sit against a different form, to the 2022 registration form. 

As a result of this, you will not be able to locate the team within our 2022 registration forms, but you can still join their team by following the steps below:

1. Follow the steps on creating a team as you sign up to the challenge.

2. Choose to become the Team Captain of that team, and set up the team name so that it matches the team you are wanting to join, and add 2020 after the team name (e.g. The Walkie Talkies 2020).

3. This way, when we come to allocate start times for the challenge, we can ensure that we match up your team, to the team you are looking to join. 

4. Should anyone else be looking to sign up to the challenge, and join the same team – they will need to then join an existing team using the steps above and search for the team name which has you as the team captain, you created (e.g. The Walkie Talkies 2020).

As the team captain, you created a password when you first set up the team, if you can’t remember what this is, or you’ve written it down wrong – you can quickly find it. 

1. Log into the Team Centre (see FAQ ‘Managing Your Team’), where you manage your team.

2. Click on the ‘edit’ team info button (blue pencil) on the top right hand of the page.

3. This opens up the team information you created when you set up the team, your password will be next to the padlock. 

Virtual Challenges

Yes only activities completed ‘on foot’ are counted towards this challenge. Unless specified.

No – if you want to just sign up, complete your activities without the tracking element that is fine – you don’t link up the Strava. You will still be sent your medal & buff in the post if that’s the option you’ve signed up for. 

Unfortunately not – as we have to order specific items based upon the registrations early in the month, we are unable to amend/ change anyone’s order. You can of course sign up again for another distance or package.

No – this is an ‘honesty’ challenge – we will not ask you to send us confirmation of your activities or challenge, you will be sent in the post the medal & buff (if you signed up to that package) regardless. 

You can expect to receive these in the post around 2 weeks after the challenge ends, we will post a notification via our Facebook group once they are in the post. 

Anyone can sign up to the challenge and fundraise for any charity you choose – with no set target just raise what you can! To get going first set up your Just Giving page using our online link here:

Christmas Virtual Challenge Just Giving page

Across Britain Virtual Challenge Just Giving page

No – we are just encouraging anyone who feels that they can to set up a Just Giving page for their chosen charity and see what they can raise!

In order for you to log your progress on your chosen challenge manually – and be kept up to date on our Virtual Map please follow the simple steps below: 
1. Log into your account you created when you registered via
2. Click on the button ‘Your Activities’ 
3. Here you will have the option to add manually your progress 

We publish digital certificates after each Virtual Challenge, you will be able to download the 2022 certificates via our website.

Changing my Challenge

By registering you will have created a MyEvents account with our registration provider Active Network, which you can log in to at any time (using the email and password you used to register). Here, you can view your registration and responses, create/join teams, and team captains can view team members.

Yes to do this we ask you to log the request and we will process it and confirm back to you if possible. To do so complete our short form below:

Request a funding type change >>

Yes to do this we ask you to log the request and we will process it and confirm back to you if possible. To do so complete our short form below:

Request a Distance Change >>

Yes to do this we ask you to log the request and we will process it and confirm back to you if possible. To do so please visit our Changes & Cancellation page.

Yes to do this we ask you to log the request and we will process it and confirm back to you if possible. To do so complete our short form here:

Request to change your event >>

Yes to do this we ask you to log the request and we will process it and confirm back to you if possible. To do so complete our short form here:

Request a cancellation >>

On Event Support & Preparation

There’s no denying it – these 50km / 100km challenges are tough. It will be physically and emotionally demanding! You will have to combat fatigue and tiring limbs as you battle through the challenge!


You will need to prepare well – and should read the training advice. The more comfortable you are with walking long distances for sustained periods – the more comfortable you will be on the challenge itself.


You should also practice walking at night – at similar times to those projected on the schedule – to get your body used to the sensation of walking when it’s normally sleeping and recovering!


A training plan is in the Participant’s Area of the website – to assist in your preparation. We also organise regular training walks to get you fitness levels up, as well as to give you the experience which will really help you to complete the challenge!

To run 100km is more than a double marathon – and 50km is a ‘marathon plus’ distance – often across difficult and varied terrain. This is no road marathon – and the running category of the challenge is reserved for only those who are attempting the 100km challenge in under 16 hours – and the 50km in under 7 hours.


The full support we provide on our challenges for runners means that if you have previously run other marathons and now looking to step up your distance to something longer – this is the perfect event to support your challenge!


If however you would like to run and jog (and perhaps walk too!) some of the challenge then you enter into the challenge as a walker and attempt the challenge in that category.

Ultra Challenges are tough events and training is essential for everyone. Preparation is key and will aid your enjoyment of the challenge whilst ensuring that your body is up to the rigors of the event.


It is very important for all competitors to train properly and build up endurance and resilience thresholds, alongside your base fitness. This will enable you to cope with the distance and provide you with the ability to recover between stages during the challenge.


You will have access to an event specific training guide to aid with your training and preparation, it can be found in the Participant’s Area.

Yes, if the event of your choice has run before – You can view results HERE >>


Step 1: Click “Europe”

Step 2: You can find the event in the list with the years available under the title.

Step 3: Click the relevant year

We’ve a full kit list on the challenge app, we recommend you download the app for your challenge so you can access all the guides.


The kit lists we’ve provided are spilt up by ‘walkers’ & ‘runners’ and are only a guideline for what to bring and wear, your own experience training and weather on the day will play an important factor into what you will require. 


There will be a baggage transfer service (at an extra charge) from the start to the finish line for a single piece of baggage not exceeding 75l/20kg – this is bookable on event day. Those taking on 100km can also get their baggage taken to halfway, use any items they need (eg a change of, or extra clothes) , and then onto the finish. Participants who retire from the challenge will be responsible for claiming their baggage at the finish line.


Registered Runners will have an extra baggage service – where you will be able to access your bags at the half-way mid point on the challenge should you not wish to run with your bags. Half & Quarter Challenge runners will also have a baggage service for free to take a small rucksack (no larger than a 30L backpack / 10KG absolute max) to their finish line.

Once you’ve signed up to your chosen Challenge, we advise you join our Facebook group ‘The Ultra Challenge Club’ where you can meet & interact with fellow challengers. It’s a great way to ask relevant questions, and learn from the experience of others. 

NO – we do not allow dogs to take part in the challenge as we cannot cater for them along the route, and the rest stops can be very busy, and not all Challengers will be comfortable with them in close proximity. We do however think dogs make for great training companions!

If you unfortunately have to drop out of your challenge, you will need to do so at the nearest check-point if possible, where you will need to alert the event staff, who will ‘log’ you out of the event.


From the half way stage onward there will be support vehicles, and shuttle services to the nearest train stations for you to safely and easily return home.


If for whatever reason you don’t complete the distance you had sign up to – don’t worry we will celebrate your achievement and give you a medal for the distance you managed anyway!

This very much depends on how you are taking on the challenge (walk / run) – what you are used to – and what the weather / ground conditions are like.  For runners – we simply recommend the shoes you usually train and run in.


Walkers – should wear the shoes or boots you have been training in – so your feet are as comfortable as possible. Some choose to wear sturdy trainers or trail shoes – whilst other opt for ankle height walking boots to give maximum support to ankles and feet. It is a personal preference – and we recommend that you experiment on training walks to ensure on the day – you’ll be as comfortable as possible. Feet often tend to swell up a bit with endurance length distances – so bear that in mind – and if the ground is wet and muddy – so will your feet be unless your footware is waterproof!


Dry socks are critical to avoid blisters – so bring spare pairs – change often.


You can always have a second pair of shoes to change into (if taking on 100km) – by utilising the optional bagage transfer service – to the ~50km half way and then on to the 100km finish.


Light open  sandals / flip flops are a good idea for post challenge – to let your feet recover!

Route maps are available online before the event – marked with rest-stops, hazards & distances.


The route will also be clearly and fully signed with pink directional arrows and the night time stages will be supplemented with reflective tape and glow sticks – meaning you should never have to worry about finding your way and you can just concentrate on the Challenge!

The routes are fully signed – and during the night stages we use reflective tape and glow sticks so you will always be able to see the marked route. It is also compulsory that all challengers wear ahead-torch during the night sections, and a reflective item to wear.


The night stages will also be heavily supported by our team of TREKMASTERS (experienced walkers) – so there’s no need to be on the course by yourself – and we actively encourage groups to join and walk together during the night stages. We will also be tracking every walker at each check point with electronic tagging timing system.


It will be compulsory for you to carry a charged mobile phone and we will have an emergency contact number and contact procedure in the unlikely event you do get lost. Our control room will be on standby throughout the event to help anyone in need.

As we review, change and update each route every year, we continue to work to ensure that our routes are safe and suitable. Therefore we only publish GPX files for each event, 4 weeks prior to each challenge, once the route has been finally recced and checked, you will be emailed once these are available to view and download. 

You can however view our provisional route on Google Maps, although please note it may change in the lead up to the challenge, click on the links below for your specific challenge:

Jurassic Coast Challenge

London 2 Brighton Challenge

Lake District Challenge

Cotswold Way Challenge

Isle of Wight Challenge

Peak District Challenge

Yorkshire Challenge

South West Coast 50 Challenge

South Coast Challenge

Thames Path Challenge

Thames Bridges Trek

Chiltern 50 Challenge

Charity & Fundraising

We will have shared with your Charity your contact details, and they will be in touch with you 7 – 14 days from the date you registered onto the challenge. If you haven’t heard from them outside of this – we recommend you contact them directly by visiting their website, and contacting their events team.

Speak to your charity directly – they will be able to offer you support and help to reach your fundraising target and remember only 50% of that target has to be reached 3 weeks before the challenge. Meaning you’ve time after the challenge to keep on fundraising. 

We recommend you create a Just Giving page – and start your fundraising by sharing your page online with your friends & family. Follow the instructions you received from us when you signed up to the challenge, in your welcome email, to get started. 

YES – a team can – as long as you’re all fundraising for the same charity – as you can create a team fundraising page on Just Giving – we also recommend that you let your charity know this is how you will be fundraising together.


You will still have to reach the combined total fundraising amount – as the target is per person, NOT per team.

NO – you must only select one prime charity for your fundraising – this is because your charity will pay for a portion of your place on the event (out of the fundraising generated by you). If you wish to also fundraise for another charity, you can do so on your own terms as long as you reach the minimum target for the first/ prime charity.


Equally – if you join as a SELF FUNDER – you have complete flexibility on who you fundraise for – and with no targets / deadlines / or any cost to those charities.

Still got a question?

We ask that you read through the information in our Help Centre to find the answer to your question, as we are a small team we cannot respond to all enquiries, if it is answered within this page. Please only use the form below to contact us if it is specific to your place and we aim to respond to your enquiry within 7 working days.

Signed up? Visit our Participants Area


Thank you for your enquiry which is now being reviewed by a member of our Ultra Challenge Team, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they are able to.


The FAQ’s page on the Ultra Challenge website  covers many of the details relating to the events, and  if you have not seen it yet please do check it out, as quick answers to many enquiries are often available there.


Thank You,


The Ultra Challenge Team

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