For those of you who have signed up to your Ultra Challenge on the Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Fundraising here you can find all the information and advice you need in order to reach your target.

Contact from your Charity


You can expect to hear from your chosen charity within 2 weeks of registering onto your Ultra Challenge. Whilst every charity communicates slightly differently with their fundraising most offer advice, guidance, fundraising buckets/ donation tins, t-shirts etc. 

However we want to ensure that each fundraiser has heard from their chosen charity, and is receiving this vital support – therefore we ask that if you’ve not heard from your charity within 2 weeks of signing up to your challenge, or perhaps you’ve transferred from 2020 to 2021 and still not heard from your charity, complete our short form below and we will chase them up on your behalf. 

Setting up your 2021 Just Giving Page


In order for your Charity to track your fundraising for your chosen event, and to know when you’ve reached your target we strongly advise you set up your fundraising page via Just Giving under the correct event page that we’ve had set up. 



Transferring fundraising from 2020 to 2021


If you were due to take on a 2020 challenge, and due to the cancellation of the event you’ve now moved onto either the same event next year, or a different event next year please ensure your Just Giving/ fundraising page is set up correctly for 2021 so that your charity can keep a track of your fundraising.  


Your Just Giving page should have automatically updated from the 2020 event, to the 2021 event. 

There is nothing further you need to do, as your charity will be able to track your fundraising for the 2021 event.

Your page will now show as the same event as 2020, but for 2021 – this is because the Just Giving system is unable to change fundraising pages from one event to another. 

Therefore (even if you’ve money sat against your 2020 fundraising page) we advise that you set up a new fundraising page (using the links in the above section) and add any money you’ve raised on the 2020 event as an ‘offline donation’ to your new page. For more information on how to add money to offline pages please follow this link below:

Concerned about reaching your target?


If you are concerned about meeting your 50% target we suggest speaking to your charity for help and advice. Alternatively, you can contact us and cover the difference in registration fee to switch to either a Mixed Funding place (if currently on Charity Sponsorship) to reduce your target, or to a Self Funding Place to remove your target completely. 

If you would like to amend your fundraising option, or change to Self Funding complete our short form below, and our team will be back in touch.

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