2024 bookings now open


Family & friends can follow every step of your Ultra Challenge!

If you'd like your family & friends to track your progress in real time as you take on your Ultra Challenge - then why not book one of our new Geo Trackers to pick up at the start of the event! We'll supply you with a URL link to share with them - and then they'll be able to see exactly where you are!


Whilst our main event timing system tracks you through the rest stops along the route (as you get scanned in) it does not know where you are the rest of the time. This is where the ‘Geo Tracker’ steps in!  It’s a small device with a long battery life (unlike a mobile phone with a ‘location’ App) which you carry in your day bag or pocket, and is updated a few times a minute with your location. You can therefore give family & friends ongoing ‘peace of mind’ that all is well, and that you are on track, or for them to plan their travel timings if they’re scheduled to meet you at any major rest stops – or for that finish line celebration & photo!


We have limited stocks of the Geo Trackers – so if you’re interested, it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment. To book your Geo Tracker – there’s a very short online form to fill in – and then pay the £25 hire cost by card. 

Once booked – you’ll get a confirmation e mail, which you should bring to the Information Point at the start – and you’ll be handed your personal Geo Tracker that will have been coded up to match your bib number. The tracker will already be turned on – our staff will give it  a final check – and then there’s no need for you to do anything else. It simply tracks you as you go!

Early in the week of the event – we’ll send you an e mail with the ‘tracker map’ URL to share with family & friends. All they need to do is to is to type your name into the map screen  (or your bib number) – and then they can see where you are at all times – day & night!

Once you cross your finish line – please hand the tracker to our staff in the finish pen  (we will need to re-code them all up for the next event – so this is important!). If you have to retire from the challenge for some reason  – do your best to hand it to a member of staff, or there will be an address to mail it to within 36 hours. ‘Lost’ Geo Trackers will be charged for.

Geo Tracker hire Terms & Conditions:

The ‘Participant’ hiring the ‘Tracker’ for an ‘Event’ accepts and agrees the following: 

  • That they are responsible for the Tracker from the point of pick up prior to their challenge, until it is returned to the Event Organiser’s staff at the agreed point after the finish line – or another previously agreed location.
  • That if they were to lose the Tracker a replacement fee of £60 would become payable within 72 hours after the end of the Event.
  • If they forget to return Tracker to the designated return point on the Event – they are then responsible for mailing it to an agreed ‘return address’ within 48 hours from the end of the Event.
  • If they were to cancel their place on their Ultra Challenge more than one week prior to its start – only a 50% refund of the hire charge will be made – and no refund will be made if a week or less.


.. Select your challenge
.. Fill in the short form
.. Pay £25 online by card
.. You'll receive confirmation
.. Collect at the event start