This area of the website is designed for those who are signed up to the 2025 Peak District Challenge, to help plan and prepare for the event!


You MUST download the App for access to key info & updates. Available in both the Apple or Google Stores, search ‘Action Challenge’ and download. Then, on the front screen (OR go to ‘Load New’ in the burger menu if you already have the base App installed) enter the code PDC25 – which downloads the info for the Peak District Challenge.

You can view the App Info on a Computer:

  • Click the button below to go to the Web App Login page 
  • Enter User ID as ACT
  • Enter PDC25 Passcode (same as mobile App above)

The App holds all key information that you will need for the day including the final event guide, route maps, parking, accommodation & transfers and FAQs on managing your place. The App will also get updated in the lead up to the Challenge, – so make sure you have it on your phone!


Our live Timing & tracking website is now LIVE – this is where your friends & family can follow your progress along the route as you make your way to your finish line. 

Share with them the website and they can follow the simple steps below to keep a track of your movements over the weekend!

live trail PDC crop

If you registered ON OR BEFORE the 25th June your name, bib number & start time should appear in the list below.

Anyone registered ON or AFTER 26th June will receive your E-ticket by close of play Friday 5th July. If you did register ON or BEFORE the 25th June and have not received an E-Ticket please check your spam/junk folder FIRST and then complete the Missing E-Ticket Form

PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer accept start time changes.

The list will not be updated again.

view your results

You did amazingly well, so why not make it official and download your challenge certificate! The finish times been checked and verified, so head to the Timing Website to download and see your certificate.

1. Visit the Live trail – Timing website 

2. Search for yourself on the top left toolbar (either name or bib number)

3. Click on the scroll icon to the left of your timing profile (labelled ‘Certif’)

4. Click to download your certificate!

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Now that you’ve taken part in the event – we’d love to hear your feedback on what we did well and what we can improve on. Please fill out the short form below to receive instructions on how to view your timings & certificates for the challenge.


For those of you that didn’t collect a medal or finishers t-shirt – there’s still time to get one posted to you from our website! No matter what distance you completed, everyone deserves a medal and a finishers T-shirt. The cost covers postage & packing and be sent straight to your door, subject to availability!


The 2025 Event Guide is currently being written, and will be uploaded here when it’s complete.

must read as it has important on the day information including details about our registration process, supporter access, car parking & transport arrangements, how you get your bib & event pass / timing chip,  route information & more. 

Please note the Event Guide may be subject to revisions and changes.

2024 pre event video briefing

A run down of what to expect on the Peak District 2024 Ultra Challenge. Hosted by our Event Director Julian Risley.


Family & friends can follow you every step of the way!

If you’ve booked a Geo Tracker, share the link below with family & friends so that they can track your every step throughout the Challenge

GPX route maps

Download the GPX file of your route, to have the map at your finger tips on the day either on  Garmin or through your phone on Outdoors GPS, OS Maps, View Ranger or Kommot. 

Contact from your Charity


You can expect to hear from your chosen charity within 2 weeks of registering onto your Ultra Challenge. Whilst every charity communicates slightly differently with their fundraisers – most offer advice, fundraising buckets/ donation tins, t-shirts etc. 

However you don’t need to wait for them! Follow the guidelines below;  set up your online JustGiving sponsorship donation page – and let your friends, family or work colleagues know where to find it – and get started!

If you have not heard from your charity within 2 weeks of signing up – then please email us at: 

Setting up your online page


If you’re supporting a charity, to enable them to track your fundraising; know when you’ve reached your agreed target, and confirm your place with us (for Full Sponsorship & Mixed Funding) – you MUST set up your online fundraising / sponsorship page via JustGiving – under the correct event page . Use the link below.

Walk, Hike, or Trek


100 km < 24 hrs / 50 km <12 hrs

Up for a NEW Style of Ultra Challenge?

Many who run & jog can crack the 24 hr/100km or 12 hr / 50km target. However, an ‘Ultra March’ is about WALKING at a brisk & consistent pace with like minded challengers to achieve it – a bit like a march! – but taking in the great rest stops & services of the Peak District Ultra Challenge!

  • Participants opt in to ‘Ultra March’ category (100km or 1st Half 50km)
  • Up to 300 will set off together as a big Ultra March group.
  • Single Start Time – 10.00am Saturday.
  • FREE Ultra March T shirt & headband picked up ‘on-the-day’.
  • Ultra March ‘Pacers’ set min. pace (with ‘sensible’ rest stop time).
  • Special Finishers Medal & Certificate .
  • ‘Hall of Fame’ on the Ultra Challenge website (optional!).



Over & above the general Ultra Challenge Rules – with an Ultra March it’s:

  • STRICTLY WALKING ONLY (no jogging / running)
  • Stage times will be ‘checked’ to ensure the above.
  • You must complete 100km is sub 24 hrs / 50km < 12 hrs to qualify for special medal & certificate.
  • If you are ‘outside’ of the 24 hr / 12 hr target – you still celebrate with a conventional ‘Ultra Challenge’ medal / certificate.


  • You will be able to ‘opt’ into the Ultra March Category on the ‘100km Continuous’ or 1st Half ~50km Registration / Sign Up Form. So follow the normal ‘Sign Up’ links.



  • If you’ve already signed up for 100km (or 1st Half ~50km) as a walker – you can ‘switch’ into the ‘Ultra March’ category on this event at ZERO cost. Use the LINK BELOW to request this; select Peak District – and we’ll get it processed.


If you have registered ON OR BEFORE the 27th June your name, bib number and start time will be on the starting list. Anyone registered ON or after 27th June will receive your Start Time and Bib Number on your E-ticket by close of play Thursday 6th July. If you have not received your e-ticket but have registered on or before the 27th June, please download the starting list, look for your name and complete our e-ticket request form.

The Start Time List has now been updated.

If you have not received your E-Ticket and registered on or before the 27th June, please fill out our E-Ticket request form below. You can also complete this form if you are not showing on the list below or are showing but incorrectly.


All the details you need!

Training Plans

not sure how to begin your training?

If you are new to Ultra Challenges, and unsure how or where to begin your training download our training guides that will help you on your way. From 25km, 50km to 100km, whether you are walking or running, these plans will allow you to plan & prepare for event day 

Join us online


The Ultra Challenge Facebook community is 70,000 strong – and growing – and is a great place to meet fellow challengers, hear how others have prepared & trained, organise transport, and even join meet-up walks as part of your preparation. The community has deep experience within it, it’s a very useful resource, it’s friendly, and would welcome you with open arms!

Visit our store


From high quality event branded tech t-shirts to jazzy leggings – we also have hoodies, hats, buffs & more to help you get kitted out for your challenge. 

bookable extras

All Bookable Extras are open for bookings – these will close on Tuesday 27 July! This includes:

Pre & post Challenge shuttles – parking – camping – breakfast at the start.

Follow the link below for more information about the bookable extras and how to make your bookings.

Please ensure you read our website to understand what optional extras you might need need to book relevant to your distance to avoid confusion on the day of your challenge!

Got a Question? Visit our Help Centre