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2023 bookings
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Bookable extras are designed to make the planning for your challenge as easy as possible -providing options for your joining & leaving arrangements, and are summarised below. Scroll down for details & prices on each category, then click ‘BOOK NOW’ once you’re ready to make an online booking

optional services


BAKEWELL – MAIN START VENUE (& Finish & 50 km Halfway)


Friday night before your challenge. Suits ALL who are starting on Saturday morning.


Saturday night is bookable for ‘fast 100 km finishers’ (runners / joggers) + 1st Half & Quarter Finishers AND 2nd Half starters (set off Sun am)



Parking for your vehicle is available at :

  • The Major Bakewell Start / Finish Venue + 25 km Finish.
  • Supporter Parking Pass – so friends / family can park at Bakewell  some ‘key’ venues along the route. 


  • Store your bag at Bakewell basecamp
  • 25 km – 1st Quarter Challengers – have your bag transferred from Bakewell to the finish


Parking is available at the main venues. If you’re not doing the full Challenge (100 km) – check that our optional Shuttle Services also work for you.

All weekend at – Bakewell (basecamp), from Saturday (or Fri eve) – Sunday 10pm. 

Saturday 9 July or Sunday 10 July for the day at – Bakewell (basecamp), Tideswell (25km) & Minninglow (74km)

Supporters can book a pass for parking at Bakewell (basecamp), Tideswell (25km) & Minninglow (74km)

Camping - Friday & Saturday


Camping available at our Bakewell basecamp for Friday &/or Saturday nights – with single & twin share options. 

Inclusive Packages – with pre pitched tent & mattress – (you bring sleeping bag & other equipment) & breakfast the following morning.

Pitch Only Option – bring your own tent or campervan (+ all equipment) & breakfast the following morning. 

Hot showers, rest area, changing rooms, & hot drinks included. Use our optional Baggage Service to move your kit from the start.

Friday 8th night – suitable for anyone starting in Bakewell.

Saturday 78th night – for Full Continuous runners / joggers (likely to finish Sat eve), & 1st Half challengers (post finish), 2nd Half challengers & 1st Quarter challengers (pre start).

Spacious 2-man tent & mattress – all set up and ready for you. You need to bring sleeping bag & other equipment.

Roomy 3-man tent & mattresses all set up and ready for you – plenty of space for 2 people and bags! 

Reserve a space for your tent or campervan. You’ll have access to hot showers, toilets & other facilities – and includes breakfast the following morning.

Reserve a space in our campsite for 2 people, sharing one tent/camper van. You will have access to hot showers, toilets & other facilities – and includes breakfast the following morning.  

Pre Challenge Transfers

We’ve a range of shuttle services to take you to your start line, before your challenge. Chesterfield Station is the closest rail link to the Bakewell basecamp (it’s on the Midland Main Line).

Ideal for all starting in Bakewell.

From Chesterfield station  – to the main start line Bakewell basecamp – on a regular shuttle service during the times:

  • Friday – 16:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday – 06:00 – 09:00

Post Challenge Transfers

We’ve a range of shuttle services to take you where you need to go after your challenge.

Ideal for anyone finishing at Bakewell basecamp

To Chesterfield Station – operating regular service, although there may be a wait at quiet times (max 45 mins) at quiet times, during the hours:

  • Saturday – 13:00 – last train
  • Sunday – 06:00 – 22:00

Ideal for 1st Quarter Challengers

From the finish line in Tideswell to Bakewell basecamp:

  • Saturday – 10:00 – 18:30

Baggage Transfers

We’ve a range of services taking your bags forward for access during the challenge – for a change of clothes or shoes, extra layers for the night, or those snacks you can’t do without!

Please note the max weight limits – these are strict, and bags will be weighed. Quoted prices are per bag.

Baggage services will be paid in cash/card on the day – and you cannot pre book.

Ideal for Full and Half Challengers.

Store your bag safely at the start in Bakewell (basecamp).

Ideal for all Quarter Challengers.

We will take your bag (max weight 20kg) from the start to your finish.

For all official Runners (ie  confirmed as a Runner on entry & dressed as such on the day) – our kit drop service will take a small (10kg max) bag forward for you to access:

  • Full Challenge runners – start > midway > finish
  • Half & Quarter Challenge runners – start > finish 


If you have a ‘heavy’ bag (or a 2nd bag) – this must be booked in and paid for via the other baggage service options. 

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