Your end of 2021 challenge is to get to the North Pole by Christmas Day – and who knows, if you’re lucky you might even bump into a jolly man in red bearing gifts!  The Christmas Virtual Challenge is about journeying on foot to the top of the globe’s icy cap, and arriving before Christmas Day ends. There are 4 route options – from the direct 100 km ‘Norway Route’, to the epic 600 km ‘Greenland Route’. Choose your challenge – take it on anywhere, anytime from Saturday 13th November onwards – log your progress and move along our on our Virtual Map of the Arctic ice – and share your stories online as you head up to the Grotto at 90 degrees North!

There are ‘Prize Draws’ for reaching the halfway point of your route by 12th December, and also for those at the Pole by 25th – Christmas Day! Fund-raise for a charity if you wish to, and there’s a Christmas Challenge medal & neck buff for all. If you have a dog get them involved also, as they’ve been pillars of many successful expeditions – and apparently quite like walking!


How it works...

Track your progress online

Once you’ve signed up to your chosen distance, you can either ‘link’ up to our Christmas Challenge Route Map with Strava / or Garmin  (so your activities will automatically feed through to our online map) OR you can add activity distances manually (so each time it’s logged you’ll progress along your route on the map along with other participants). You have up to Christmas Day to complete your polar challenge, you can start from 13th November onwards, and can join at any time up to up to 12th December.

Choose your Challenge...

4 Expedition Options

Walk, Jog, or Run – anywhere, anytime. Why not ask your dog to join you – and treat them to a Christmas doggy bandana!

Asset 85

Norway Route


Set off from Orca Camp on Nordaustlandet, part of the stunning Norwegian Svalbard archipelago – famous for its Polar Bears and an array of Arctic wildlife. We don the snow shoes and head due North for a short, sharp, hop across the frozen ocean.

Asset 87

Canada Route


Head out from the Reindeer Camp on the tip of the uninhabited  Prince Patrick Island in the Canadian Arctic archipelago – comprised of over 36,000 islands! The route heads south east, and we look forward to our cosey igloo at mid-point camp.

Asset 88

Russia Route


Polar Bear base-camp is on October Revolution Island, within the  Severnaya Zemlya archipelago which lies off Siberia. A boat ride through Red Army Straight to The Kara Sea and the the ice cap’s edge, and a long & winding route ahead!

Asset 86

Greenland Route


Oodaaq, the most world’s most northerly land point, and the start point from our compact Narwhal Camp. A tough route, and best for those with strong legs & some stamina, capturing  the best of the Arctic’s frosty features as it meanders eastwards.


Prize Draws...

Fantastic prizes to be won

We’re heading into the festive period – so to keep you focused, and on track, we have x3 £100 kit vouchers from our partner Cotswold Outdoors to give away for anyone who has met their halfway distance by the 12th December – and x5 kit vouchers for all at the North Pole by the end of Christmas Day!


What you'll get...

Below is the cost of entry & inclusions – and optional ‘doggy attire’. Please note we can only send Medals & Buffs to a UK address. Registration is open until 12th December.

Fundraise for Charity

Our Virtual Challenges have so far raised over £250,000 for UK Charities*, and we’re hoping the Christmas Virtual Challenge will raise another £30,000 for the Ultra Challenge Series Partners. 

Our Charity Partners

Set up your Just Giving fundraising page...

If you’ve signed and want to fundraise for a charity of your choice – all you need to do is set up a Just Giving page using the button below and create your sponsorship page. There is no specific target to reach – just raise what you can!

* Source Just Giving

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