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For any queries or question you have in relation to this Virtual Challenge please have a read through of our information below.


Ultra Britain are our Virtual Challenge delivery partner, they host the registration platform that we’ve been using, and also provide the technical help to sync your data to our challenge maps. When you register onto the challenge, you create a profile with them to manage your entry and your data throughout  the month.

  • Select ‘Personal Details’ within your Ultra Britain account
  • Click on ‘Social Sharing’ on the left had side
  • Then choose the site you would like to log your virtual miles with – ‘Strava or Garmin’
  • Once selected your preferred site (Strava or Garmin) it will prompt you to log in – if you haven’t already logged in from a previous virtual event
  • However if you are connected already the icon (Strava or Garmin) will be lit up

If you log in to your Strava account and navigate to ‘My Apps’ you will see a page like this with ‘Action Challenge’ in your list of connected apps.

If you visit the event page of a race that requires a Strava connection while you are logged in to UltraBritain, the page will also tell you if you have a live connection to Strava.

Our system will only be able to ‘read’ an activity if your profile is set to ‘Open’ on Strava. To ensure yours is:

  • Log into Strava on a desktop/ laptop
  • Go to Settings then Privacy Controls
  • Under Activities make sure ‘Everyone’ is selected 

Strava imposes limits on the number of connections to the service that are permitted in a given time and for that reason please allow plenty of time (up to 3hrs) for your latest activity to appear.

If your activity does not appear on our maps or table after 3 hours, please check:

  • You have a live connection to Strava – if you do not appear at all, this is the most likely cause.
  • Check that all your activities are not set to private.
  • Check you’re correctly recording the activity type on Strava – only walks, runs, hikes and virtual runs will be counted

Your activity/ distance will only show on our Maps if you have made it public, so that our system can read it. To check this:

  • Log into Strava on a Desktop/ Laptop
  • Go to ‘My Activities’ in Strava.
  • Selecting the Private check box will filter all activities down to only those set as private. Our service will not be able to view anything on this list. Private activities show a small black padlock next to them.
  • Once registered on to the Virtual Challenge head to the main event page to see the route and other participants
  • Scroll down to below map and on the right had side under ‘Essential information’ it will ask you to ‘Connect Service’ in bright Green – click this and then choose to connect to Strava or Garmin
  • Once selected your preferred site (Strava or Garmin) it will prompt you to log in – if you haven’t already logged in from a previous virtual event.
  • However if you are already connected (due to having taken part in a virtual event this year) the ‘Connect Service’ button will display the site (Strava or Garmin) you are connected to

Strava updated there interface a year ago and connection to the old service no longer work. So if you have taken part in a virtual challenge this year and connected with Strava these are the steps you can follow to amend the settings. If Strava is connected but no activities show it is best to clear the connection and then reconnect.

NB these are instructions are for webpage use

  • Log into Strava account
  • Click your profile picture in the right of right hand corner labelled ‘You’
  • Select ‘Settings’ in the drop down and click ‘Apps’
  • You’ll see an Action Challenge logo in the list of connected Apps – click revoke access
  • To reconnect- Select ‘Personal Details’ within your Ultra Britain account
  • Click on ‘Social Sharing’ on the left had side
  • Then choose ‘Strava’ to log your virtual miles


Yes activities completed either ‘on foot’ or by bike are counted towards this challenge.

No – if you want to just sign up, complete your activities without the tracking element that is fine – you don’t link up the Strava. You will still be sent your medal & buff in the post if that’s the option you’ve signed up for. 

Unfortunately not – as we have to order specific items based upon the registrations early in the month, we are unable to amend/ change anyone’s order. You can of course sign up again for another distance or package.

No – this is an ‘honesty’ challenge – we will not ask you to send us confirmation of your activities or challenge, you will be sent in the post the medal & buff (if you signed up to that package) regardless. 

You can expect to receive these in the post around 2 weeks after the challenge ends, we will post a notification via our Facebook group once they are in the post. 

Anyone can sign up to the challenge and fundraise for any charity you choose – with no set target just raise what you can! To get going first set up your Just Giving page using our online link here:


No – we are just encouraging anyone who feels that they can to set up a Just Giving page for their chosen charity and see what they can raise!

In order for you to log your progress on your chosen challenge manually – and be kept up to date on our Virtual Map please follow the simple steps below: 
1. Log into your account you created when you registered via
2. Click on the button ‘Your Activities’ 
3. Here you will have the option to add manually your progress 

We publish digital certificates after each Virtual Challenge, you will be able to download the 2021 certificates via our website.

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