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Our 'Virtual Challenges' enabled thousand of the Ultra community to keep active and connected during a difficult period, and have delivered much needed fundraising for our Charity Partners. They're here to stay - and check out our 'Virtuals' below, and you're welcome to sign up to the latest challenge - with a new one being released each month - and parallel 'virtual' versions of each 'real' Ultra Challenge.

NOV & DEC 2021

13 NOV - 25 DEC

Christmas Virtual Challenge

Your end of 2021 challenge is to get to the North Pole by Christmas Day – and who knows, if you’re lucky you might even bump into a jolly man in red bearing gifts!  The Christmas Virtual Challenge is about journeying on foot to the top of the globe’s icy cap, and arriving before Christmas Day ends. There are 4 route options – from the direct 100 km ‘Norway Route’, to the epic 600 km ‘Greenland Route’. Choose your challenge – take it on anywhere, anytime in from Saturday 13th November onwards – log your progress and move along our on our Virtual Map of the Arctic ice – and share your stories online as you head up to the Grotto at 90 degrees North!

A great way to stay active during the winter months, and stayed motivated to keep up your walking & running efforts – you will get a medal & neck buff once you’ve completed your challenge. With the option to purchase for your four legged companion a ‘doggy bandana’ too!

– 100 km – The Norway Route

– 250 km – The Canada Route

– 400 km – The Russia Route

– 600 km – The Greenland Route

Virtual Challenge


Event Weekend & 2 Week Window

Take on the Virtual Version if you want to join the Challenge in spirit – perhaps to help a friend or family member taking on the real thing with some moral support or maybe extra fundraising – or just join & test yourself closer closer to home! Track your progress on the ‘Virtual Map’, share your journey online with other challengers, and there’s a medal & souvenir neck buff.

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