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Getting in shape for an Ultra Challenge is important and we are excited to launch our inaugural ‘Ultra Fitness’ 10 week training programme – with engaging live weekly online group work-out sessions & videos with our dedicated expert trainer. The programme is designed for all abilities to support your own walking & running plans, and aims to boost your core strength, stability, and resilience – which will enable you to take on your Ultra Challenge with confidence, and to recover quickly. Join us – it will be fun and transformational!

Starts Tues 7pm 11 Jan - Sign up Now

The programme

Our 1st 10 weeks programme starts on the 11th January – and will be hosted live online via a private Facebook Group each Tuesday at 7pm. If you miss a session,  don’t worry as you can always catch up via the Group’s video library.

Our supportive exercises supplement your own walking or running programme, and are designed to assist you in staying stable and strong – not only when out on the trails,  but also in your daily lives too.  

Carefully curated exercises targeting posture, lower back and core strength, as well as lower limb joint stability are included in this programme. Beginning with easy to manage bodyweight exercises, all of which can be made easier or more difficult based on your current level. Ultra Challengers of all levels of fitness and of all abilities can benefit!

These select exercises will gently progress over the 10 weeks, so that you finish feeling stronger, more stable, and with less aches & less pain when you push yourself further on the trails.




Our fitness plan is designed to supplement & support an existing rounded training routine of running/ or walking (depending on how you will be taking on the challenge!) – which should focus on building up distance & endurance.

To support your ‘outdoor’ training exercises you need to increase your body’s capacity to tolerate load! Everyone’s body has its weaknesses and we are aiming  to bulletproof yours in preparation for a toughUltra Challenge!

Following our programme will expose your body to movements which will increase your ability to exercise effectively by increasing the strength of your muscles and tendons, which will in turn help them to look after your joints.  

As well as this, a strong core is also essential – everyone knows this right? But most people don’t do what they know is good for them! By joining with us over the 10 weeks, we’ll give you the ability to control your body like never before, ensuring that you can stay pretty much pain free, even at the 99km mark (Compeed may still be required however!).


ROBIN, BSc Sports science & pt

A sportsman with an all-round enthusiasm for health and wellbeing. Robin’s attention to detail is second to none. He loves to learn and is regularly up-skilling. His fundamental belief that is fitness and mental health are vital to a good quality of life. Whether you’re experienced or beginner, Robin is ready to help you exceed your own expectations. Robin’s moto to training? “Fitness doesn’t need to be complicated.”

Take a look at Robin’s intro video for Ultra Fitness…


Sign up to our Ultra Fitness Programme using the online form, and you will then receive a Confirmation Email, which gives instructions on how to find & join our Dedicated Facebook Group, along with a discount code so you can join our New Year Across Britain Virtual Challenge for free.

Free entry into new year virtual challenge included.


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