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Ultra Challenges are about 'Pushing Yourself Further' - setting new goals. We lay on the best support & hospitality available on any UK endurance events - we're famous for it! This support enables you to tackle an 'Ultra' distance, with the best chance of success and to enjoy your momentous challenge.

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On the Challenge

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Rest Stops

Support 699x200


We have Rest Stops every 12.5km or so with 'major' ones at ~25/50/75/100km.Our rest stops are like no others - with covered infrastructure (to keep you out of the sun or rain!) - and you'ill also find:


  • Seating & dining areas
  • FREE food - main meals (25,50,75 & 100km)
  • FREE snacks at all stops
  • FREE water / squash & energy drinks
  • FREE tea & coffee at all stops
  • First aid, medical support & footcare
  • Toilets (clean!)
  • Massage (50,75,100km)
  • Changing rooms 
  • Quiet rest areas
  • Heating at night
  • Camp site option at 50km
  • Shuttle buses services
  • Info point & helpful staff

Food & Drink

Pick Mix 37km Stop


You'll need to take on plenty of fuel to reach that finish line - staying hydrated and well fed, and we pride ourselves on the amount & quality of the food we provide throughout the Challenge. Whichever distance you take on - you will be fully catered for - and it's all included in the cost of your entry - so no need to carry a heavy rucksack full of sandwiches, flasks & snacks!


  • All dietary requirements catered for
  • Snacks - new savoury range in 2020
  • Water, energy drinks at all stops
  • Tea & coffee at all stops 
  • Full Challenge - 4 main meals included
  • Half Challenge - 2 main meals included 
  • Quarter Challenge - 1 main meal 
  • Finishers BBQ / meal for all distances
  • Special runners menus
  • Breakfast vendor at start

FOR 2020 - ALL MEALS INCLUDED!! Including the 25km/1st Quarter meal for all!


Medical & Safety

Medical Areas At Stops


Your well being is taken very seriously on the Challenge. There are Medical Teams at all Rest Stops including - Doctors, Paramedics, First Aiders, and Footcare Specialists. We also have 'Self Help' areas where you can look after your feet, with a stock of blister plasters, tape, talc & vaseline - and some expert advice if required.


There are 'Trail Medics' along the route for extra support - as well as 'Trekmasters' who are experienced walkers there to lend moral support, and help you through the night stgaes. We do not allow people to leave the Rest Stops alone after dark - a Trekmaster will set off with a group every 15 minutes.


Our CONTROL ROOM at our London HQ is  available to contact throughout the event - if you are lost, worried, or injured - and our team, or the medical specialists will be able to help you. They also monitor the timing & tracking system to ensure all participants are accounted for - and on schedule.

In more serious cases, the Control Room will be able to dispatch Emergency Vehicles to pick you up.

Sports Massage



Our specialist Sports Massage Team are there to help you recuperate and relieve tight muscles before you head out onto the next stage. They will be stationed at the major rest stops & finish lines (~50km, 75km & 100km) - and give free 10 minute massages if your muscles are tight or a bit sore, and will focus on whateve areas you need. 

Finding your way

L2b Signage


We have the best Signage Team who will make sure you never need to use a map. You'll see hundreds of reflective PINK ARROWS to guide you and KM markers so you know how far you've gone (and have left to go!). You'll also see hazard signs where you need to take extra care (e.g. road crossing). At night, after dark, the route is re-signed with glowsticks and flashing lights.


A provisional plotted Google Map is available on the website - and in the Challenge APP. 6 weeks out from the Challenge, you can access GPX files and the final Google Maps. 10 days before the event a PDF version of the map will be available in the Challenge APP and in the Participant's Area. 


You also get a Route Card at the Start when you register on to the Challenge - with all the key info - and esay kinks to Google Maps.

Baggage transfer

Depending on your distance we have optional baggage services available (for larger bags) - paid in cash at the start of your Challenge.


  • Runners - free transfer to 50 km (half way) & finish (Max 10 KG bag)*
  • 25km walkers/ joggers - to finish (£5)
  • 50km walkers/ joggers - to finish (£8)
  • 100km walkers/ joggers - to finish (£10)
  • 100km walkers/ joggers - to 50km half way & then to finish (£15)

* Runners requiring extra / larger bags is as per walkers/ joggers above.

Toilets the Start and every Rest Stop! (every 10-15km) - lot's of them - and we do our upmost to keep them clean!


There are Changing Rooms at the major 25km, 50km, and 100km Rest Stops

Shuttles & transfers

There are free shuttles at the Finish to the closest rail station where applicable & practical.


We also put on various optional shuttles/coaches to help you get to & from your Challenge as extra services that you can pre-purchase. These vary event to event - so do take a look at the 'Optional Extras' pages on the website - and in the Challenge APP..

Before the Challenge

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Training Guides & Kit List

Whether you take on your Challenge as a Walk, Jog, or Run - the key to preparing well is a rounded general fitness programme, and building up your distance, and improving your pace. You should aim to have trined to at least 50% of your intended Challenge distance  more than once. We provide training guides, with suggested milesones, to help you gauge your progress.

There's a kit list - so you are sully prepared for the big day.

We are partnered with various high-street retailers where you can get discounts (see the kit list for details)

Training plans & kit lists >

Training Walks & Runs

One of the best ways to get ready is to join one of our organised Training Walks. Get the 'feel' for the challenge ahead and build up that base level of fitness!

Whether you're taking on 25km or going for the full 100km, there is a training walk suitable for you.


We have partnered with Running Adventures to host these runs. They will be led by experienced ultra runner, ultra running coach, trail running guide, and Salomon athlete; Matt Buck. 


These guided trail runs are an opportunity to get advice on training, equipment and nutrition - as well as meeting like-minded people. Various routes are available - with distances of 20-30km - and are a great way to learn from an expert, enjoy some stunning trails, and get all your questions answered.



Challenge Manual

It's handy to have all the info in one place - which is why we provide the CHALLENGE MANUAL. It goes through the Challenge's finer details and might help you get a good idea of what to expect -  so you can make your own plans.  It's a Must Read.

There's plenty of other info available in the Challenge APP and in the Participant's Area of the websiteChallenge App .

Preparation Videos & advice

We know that many find the wealth of training advice easiest to digest in video form -  so we've put together some videos on a range of topics - hosted by our expert panel of event organisers, walkers, and runners.


Pre-event video briefing

A month or so before the Challenge, we provide you with a pre-event Video Briefing. This is a run-down of what to expect on the Challenge and the final detials you need to come fully prepared.

We will Email the details - and it will also be in the website  Participant's Area & via the APP.

Challenge APP

You will be given access to the Action Challenge APP (available from the Apple & Google Stores) - and a uinque code to get all the information for your Challenge.

This holds all the documents & info you could ever want - and all acccessible on your mobile phone! The APP is updated with the latest news / maps / locations / special offers / cancellation & deferal forms - and much more!

You will be emailed when this is live and it will be announced in your Challenge's Participant's Area.


The Best Support levels

.. So You can go Further