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 Arrows, Maps & Apps

 .. you won't get lost!

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On the event, you will see thousands of reflective PINK ARROWS to guide you. You will also see hazard signs to warn you of any places where you need to take extra care (e.g. road crossing)

For those out on the route after dark, the route is re-signed with glowsticks and flashing lights.

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A provisional plotted Google Map is available in your Challenge's Participant Area*

6 weeks out from the Challenge, you will be emailed a GPX file and the final Google Maps.

10 days before the event a PDF version of the map will be available in the Challenge App and in the Participant's Area. 

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When you arrive at the Challenge, you'll be given a printed 'route card' - with a telephone number for the Control Room - which is manned throughout the event. If you are lost, you can call the Control Room any time of day or night for help - and the team will be able to direct you back onto the route.

At night, individuals cannot leave a rest stop to continue their Challenge alone. They must be in groups, or with a TrekMaster (experienced walkers provided to help you in your time of need!)