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Monday - 5.30pm - 16 March 2020

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The UK Government, via its latest press conference, has now stated that 'social contact' & 'non-essential travel' should be avoided - and that ‘mass gatherings’ will 'no longer be supported' by The Emergency Services. In light of this we have had to review and amend our forward calendar of Ultra Challenge events.

Of course this is very disappointing news on one level, as so much planning goes into the organisation, and we have 000’s of challengers who are keen to take part and also support so many fantastic charities. However, I think we all accept that the wellbeing of the Nation is paramount, and whatever measures are implemented to help bring an end to the Coronavirus crisis should be respected and fully supported.

Our Ultra Challenge events ultimately rely on the support from local Emergency Services, venues that will be implementing their own restrictions, our own medics who are now needed by the NHS in their 'day jobs', and also many local communities who generally welcome us in normal times - but probably not now. We therefore have to do the right thing, and we hope that all our participants and loyal customers understand that. Other responsible event companies in our sector ought to be following our lead.

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Therefore, it’s with much sadness that I have to confirm that as at today we’ve DEFINITELY had to cancel or postpone the following scheduled events (based on a 8 week 'rolling' forward view - which we think is responsible and reasonable):

 11 APRIL - EASTER CHALLENGE – and is not being re-scheduled, so all participants have the option to transfer their place to a 2020 Ultra Challenge or a 2021 event.

 2/3 MAY – ISLE OF WIGHT CHALLENGE – we are looking to postpone until 5/6 SEPTEMBER 2020 and all participants will have the option to transfer their place to that new date OR on to another 2020 Ultra Challenge or a 2021 event.

 16/17 MAY – JURASSIC COAST CHALLENGE – we are looking to postpone until 19/20 SEPTEMBER 2020 and all participants will have the option to transfer their place to that new date OR on another 2020 Ultra Challenge or a 2021 event.

- Other Ultra Challenge events will be reviewed on the 8 week rolling time-line (that we will deploy for the time being).

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 We are producing a new ‘transfer / deferral / cancellation form’ as tracking all the potential permutations is complex (and maybe with even more changes to come). This form will be available to complete as from FRIDAY 20 MARCH 2020, and will be 'flexible' if you want to mull over the options for a bit - or to see how the 'Virus Crisis' unfolds. Please be patient while we work on this, as it will make the process much simpler & easier.

** All participants who signed up to any of the affected events will be e-mailed  individually, and access to the new transfer / deferral / cancellation form will also be available via this website and the relevent Challenge APP **

 Of course there is NO FEE associated with any transfer or deferral to a re-arranged event, or to a new one, or to a 2021 event.

 We are keen to see you as soon as possible - so we will also 'boost' the 'DUO DEAL' that was already in place. This offer means that if you transfer or defer your place, you can either book up to a second Ultra Challenge (2020 or in 2021) for 30% OFF the Self Fund price - or invite  a friend to join you on the challenge you swap to, and they get the discount.

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All other Ultra Challenges are not affected currently - and our plan is to go ahead with those as normal - if at all possible (subject to the 8 week review - and updates from the Government). If you do want to transfer or defer your place - the same (or a similar) NEW FORM will be available on this website from FRIDAY also (and via the applicable Challenge App). The enhanced DUO DEAL will also apply!

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We want our challengers to stay active during any 'Ultra downtime'- albeit in smaller groups to the few thousand that we get on an actual event! So we will be introducing:

- An 'Ultra Moment in Time Event' - on the weekend of any cancelled / postponed challenge. Essentially these will be aimed at getting as many out & about walking, jogging, or running in their own safe & private way (perhaps with a few friends) for at least 25km - or whatever suits. You can tell us all about your time  on Social Media - and we'll give you a very special medal afterwards. DETAILS COMING SOON...

- More ULTRA TRAINING WALKS. We'll get our Mountain Leaders and a few Trek Masters to organise a series of day walks in all sorts of interesting places. Small - sensible groups (with a max size of 50) - NO CHARGE - just bring your boots and a packed lunch! DETAILS COMING SOON... 

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We hope you all understand why we've had to make these changes to the schedule - and will continue to keep everyone updated via this page, and look forward to seeing you on an Ultra Challenge later in the year.

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Best wishes

Julian Risley

Director - Action Challenge Ltd