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We welcome new charities on board every day across our UK and international challenges. Please read through our Charity Invite and Participant Process to find out how you can work with us on our Ultra Challenge Series in 2019.

Once you're ready, please click on the Authorisation Form button below to register with us (and read through the T's & C's) to join us and start accepting fundraisers across the Ultra Challenge Series!

Your charity will be added to our registration forms within 24-48 hours after you register with us. Once a participant registers onto one of our events and selects your charity to fundraise for, we will provide you with the participant's registration details within 48 hours of sign up.

The Participant Process >

Your charity do not have to pre-purchase places and there is no minimum allocation required per event. It is entirely risk free for the charity and you are guaranteed a minimum return of fundraising per participant.

The participant process works as follows:

1. The participant selects either Charity Sponsorship or Mixed Funding and pays a registration fee online (this pays in-part for their place on the Challenge) and they can select a listed charity to fundraise for. The Participants details are then forwarded to the charity. It is then the responsibility of the charity to look after this data. Action Challenge will not be able to resend details or 'updates' for data lost by the charity.

2. By registering, the participant has committed to the allocated fundraising target for that distance and fundraising selection. 50% of this target is due 6 weeks prior to the Challenge and should come straight to the charity via Justgiving or the preferred fundraising platform (not through Action Challenge).

3. The charity contacts the participant to help with fundraising and to send any welcome packs and make a note of where the participant fundraising pages are. If you have a fundraising platform preference other than Just Giving you must communicate this to your fundraisers when first contact is made. It is a good idea to keep in contact with your supporters throughout their journey up to the Challenge.

4. 8 weeks prior to the Challenge, Action Challenge will email the charity a list of their registered participants – these are called PHASE 1 Participants. Action is required at this point and must be undertaken no later than 6 weeks prior to the Challenge.


4a)      The charity must CANCEL any participants who may not  have not reached 50% of their fundraising target (Action Challenge will then ask them to pay the remaining costs themselves and there is no cost to the charity).


4b) The charity must CONFIRM all participants who have reached 50% of their target – or all the participants that they want on the challenge (that is the charity’s decision ultimately even if the 50% target is not met – as you may feel that they will ’catch up’ later).


5. The charity is then invoiced for each participant they have confirmed (costs can be found within the Charity Invite below) – payment is due 2 weeks prior to the Challenge.

6. This process is repeated as PHASE 2 for any participants who sign up after the 6-weeks-to-go mark. They pay an extra £10 registration fee for the extended deadline and must have 50% of their target with the charity no later than 4 weeks prior to the Challenge. The charity is invoiced 4 weeks prior and payment terms are immediate.

7. The remaining 50% of the participant fundraising (plus any extra) is due with the charity up to 4 weeks after the event.

The Costs >

Ultra Challenge Series 2019:


Charity sponsorship option:

100km: £15 registration fee, £595 minimum fundraising target, cost to charity £195

50km: £10 registration fee, £395 minimum fundraising target, cost to charity £130

25km: £5 registration fee, £245 minimum fundraising target, cost to charity £80


Mixed funding option:

100km: £99 registration fee, £299 minimum fundraising target, cost to charity £99

50km: £64.50 registration fee, £199 minimum fundraising target, cost to charity £64.50

25km: £39.50 registration fee, £119 minimum fundraising target, cost to charity £39.50


Self funders (option to fundraise on top for chosen charity):

100km: £198

50km: £129

25km: £79

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The Authorisation Form can only be filled out by a charity representative - not a participant.

** Charities must sign the Authorisation Form for 2019 even if they have worked with us in previous years as prices and terms change year to year.

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