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2020 will be the best year yet for the Ultra Challenge Series, and a great opportunity for charities of all sizes. These are tough events - and participants will raise lots in sponsorship.

- 12 fantastic events 

- 25,000+ participants

- £6+ million of fundraising 

Successful event recruitment is helped by getting the positioning, tone, and style right. For Ultra Challenges - with a walk, jog, or run of up to 100km over 24+ hours - many would non too enthusiastic about the idea if simply asked do they fancy it! However - if people understand that they get fantastic levels of support, and 000's of participants of all ages and levels of experience succeed each year - many will then warm to the idea. Good information - with access to the right level detail is the key to all this - and that's hopefully what this Charity Area provides.

The Area is updated with the latest materials for each Challenge, promotions, how to get places for volunteers, or how to attend an event, and any special deals.

The 2020 Ultra Challenge Series is 'live' and the Marketing Packs for each Challenge can be accessed via this page -as well guidelines which we ask you to use.

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Click Below for more info on each event

You can also get involved in the New Year. Over 3,000 will take on ...

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Ideally you only use the 2020 copy, imagery and logos provided within the Charity Area - as it has been updated. 

We've created a Website Positioning Guidelines document which you can download via the button below. Please read through thoroughly prior to loading the events onto your website as it outlines our full expectations. We offer our challenges as walks, jogs and runs, so if you are able to list the events as both walks and runs you will find the 'walkers' and 'runners' copy and imagery available within each challenge marketing pack. We also have a brand new 2019 Ultra Challenge Series video which can be used across your marketing activity!

If you require any support or assistance please email and one of the team will be able to assist.

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If your charity has been nominated as the charity of the year for a corporate, or if you have a charity corporate partnership, why not send them our corporate brochure? We saw over 200 corporate teams take on a challenge in 2018, and as we do all the leg work to provide a bespoke package, it leaves your corporate team to focus on the all important fundraising!

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Click on any of the event logos below for the website copy, images & logos for that specific challenge. After other 2019 challenges are live we will add them to the below section.


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