Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith

Event Director

If you’d like your family & friends to track your progress in real time as you take on your 2022 Ultra Challenge – then why not book one of our new Geo Trackers to pick up at the start of the event! We’ll supply you with a URL link to share with them – and then they’ll be able to see exactly where you are!

Whilst our main event timing system tracks you through the rest stops along the route (as you get scanned in) it does not know where you are the rest of the time. This is where the ‘Geo Tracker’ steps in!  It’s a small device with a long battery life (unlike a mobile phone with a ‘location’ App) which you carry in your day bag or pocket, and is updated a few times a minute with your location. You can therefore give family & friends ongoing ‘peace of mind’ that all is well, and that you are on track, or for them to plan their travel timings if they’re scheduled to meet you at any major rest stops – or for that finish line celebration & photo!

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