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2017 Participant Discounts

In 2018, there are 7 Ultra Challenges to choose from! As a 2017 participant, for a limited time only, you can save up to £50 per event. You can book multiple events using this great deal!

Self Funding Full Challenge - Save £50
Self Funding Half Challenge - Save £30

Charity Fundraising Full Challenge - Save £25
Charity Fundraising Half Challenge - Save £20


Step 1

  • Click the button below to fill out a short form.
  • The form will show you the discounts and prices.

Step 2

  • Enter your personal details
  • Enter the details of the Challenge you did in 2017
  • Choose the 2018 Challenge you want to sign up for.

Step 3

The form will then show you the right discount code to use for your event. It will also give you a link to your chosen Challenge's How to Join page. Make a note of your discount code and you're good to sign up!

Note: This deal beats the MULTI-EVENT deal, so you can always reselect the 2018 event you chose (in Step 2) and the form will show you the discount code for that event too - you don't need to complete the form each time!

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Any questions?

e: events@actionchallenge.com  

t: 0207 609 6695